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Biogenetic Healthcare Believes In Establishing Long Term Relationship With Our Clients

Take a look at the things that make Biogenetic Healthcare unique from the rest of pharmaceutical companies.


We believe in offering transparent services to our clients, we always share how we manufacture and supply products 


We have a responsible team that will help you to get safe and secure products 


Before we supply the products to our clients, our team analyzes their specific needs and preferences 


Delivering quality products require skill in hand and expertise; we have both of them


We, at Biogenetic Healthcare, always deliver the products and services with high-end professionalism 


Our team work hard to offer unique and reliable products every time 

Our Facilities Include

Contract Manufacturing 

We undertake contract manufacturing of pharmaceutical pellets and granules. Whether you’re looking for basic products or you wish to have your hands on advanced products, Biogenetic Healthcare is ready to deal with everything in-house. Our advanced technologies and techniques will ensure that you get pellets and granules that are approved and tested after manufacturing. 

Research & Development Facilities

Our research and development team work closely with our business development team to manufacture high quality products and services. We have research and development team that develop a wide range of pharmaceutical pellets and granules products. Our years of experience make the process easy and smooth; giving you complete assistance from start to finish. 

Infrastructure Facilities

Our top tier facilities along with the latest equipment and technology help us to deliver the right products to our clients. We constantly monitor and control the operations to ensure that the end results meet the specific needs and preferences of our clients. Our ISO 8 classified manufacturing areas help us to manufacture safe, efficient and reliable products. 

Our Services And Facilities Will Always Deliver You The Right Products

  • Award winning manufacturing faculties allow us to design products that comply with GMP norms
  • Our products are double checked and verified by our skilled team before we supply them to you

Join Your Hands With Biogenetic Healthcare To Get Deserving Help